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Cute Food Storage Containers with Lids 🥰

Cute Food Storage Containers with Lids 🥰

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1. Double lock fresh, the top cover ventilation hole can be opened or closed according to different fruits and vegetables ingredients, prolong the fresh-keeping time.
2. The detachable draining partition in the box can separate the space according to different sizes of fruits and vegetables for storage at a glance.
3. Suitable for refrigerator storage, with cover design, to prevent food odor, can be stacked, make full use of the refrigerators internal space.
4. There is space between the bottom drain plate and the bottom of the box to prevent soaking of fruits and vegetables and not easy to rot.
5. Drain holes can be placed at the bottom of the box, which can drain in time, and have the function of elutriation and draining.
6. Food grade materials, safe and reliable food contact, durable and not aging.

Color: transparent
Material: PET+PP
Capacity: 1700ML 2800ML 5700NL

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